721 Houston

History of 721 Houston

An old metal building once stood on the corner of Houston and Ave G, as you see below in 1924. The metal building was torn down and a new structure took its place. This building was the Brasch-Mitchell Hardware store. The hardware store was built complete with a basement and an upstairs. The owner of Brasch-Mitchell Hardware rented out a space in the back to a man by the name of Mr. Fain where he ran his sheet metal business. Later Mr. Fain purchased a property on Ave F and built a shop for himself. George Keeling purchased the Brasch-Mitchell building. He kept the Brasch-Mitchell name, but remodeled it to become a rental hall and sectioned off a portion to become 721 Houston. This rental property has seen a few businesses over the years including SIC Finance, which later became Sun Loan. At some point in it's history, the large windows were covered with a wood paneling. In 2011, when a women’s accessories store called A & A This and That moved in the windows were uncovered and made great displays opportunities for the store. A & A This and That closed their business in 2012. After remaining vacant for a bit, Class A Barbershop and Salon moved their business here from Albuquerque, NM. They provided a full service salon and barbershop and gave the interior of this building a complete makeover. Class A moved their business and their family and it housed a couple of rental startups, until Out of This World Gun Shop, the current tenant, moved in in 2021.

721 Houston - 1924

Brash-Mitchell in the 1950s

Sun Loan (covered windows)

A&A This and That 


Class A Barber Shop