816 Austin

History of 816 Austin

This building originally began as a ladies apparel store called Carrolls. As you can see from the pictures, this building has undergone a major face lift. This is common of old downtown buildings. Times were different back then. Instead of buying land and building new buildings, people would purchase existing property and make the building fit their needs. This is becoming a popular practice again, but for the last 20-30 years the new fad was to build new and move out. This is part of the reason many downtowns in our nation have died away. Levelland is blessed to still have a thriving downtown. Throughout the years this building has been home to businesses such as Ben Franklin’s Variety store, where spending 10 cents might take hours because there was so much to choose from for that price. Many people today might remember this location as TJ’s Floral. Tammy Pressly started her gift and floral shop and had a thriving business for about 10 years. In 2012, Tammy and her husband moved and sold the building to Shanna Saunders owner of Our Stuff. Shanna expanded her business and combined this building with the one next door.



TJ's Floral

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